Exchanges data between FileMaker® Pro and Microsoft Outlook®.

Welcome to the Outlook Manipulator product page! If you want to eliminate double entry by exchanging data between FileMaker® Pro and Outlook then this is the plug-in for you. This powerful plug-in will exchange data with Microsoft® Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Mail, and Notes for the "user’s" default folder, public and shared folders within the Exchange Environment. As information gets entered into your FileMaker database during the day your users' Outlook folders are updated. This allows your users the ability to synchronize with their mobile devices such as a Blackberry or iPhone.

In addition to the Outlook Manipulator we also produce two other plug-ins to exchange data between Microsoft Outlook and FileMaker.

- Outlook SendMail: Use this plug-in to send plain text or HTML formatted e-mail with multiple attachments through Microsoft Outlook while suppressing the Outlook security dialog.

- Exchange Manipulator: Use this plug-in if you need the added power of communicating with ANY Exchange mailbox. This plug-in allows you to automate the data import/export process from a single client, eliminating the need to install the plug-in on every workstation.

Outlook Manipulator

Centralize your entire company’s contact list by using this powerful plug-in to pull Outlook contacts from each user into FileMaker. Once all your contacts are centralized in FileMaker, then you can push all records from FileMaker to Outlook allowing each user to update their Outlook contacts. You can also exchange data with public or shared Outlook contacts and even access and create distribution lists.

Use the plug-in to import and parse e-mails from Outlook into FileMaker. Once all e-mails are in FileMaker, then you can have a complete archive of all e-mail correspondence in FileMaker allowing the entire company to view the e-mail history between any customer and employee. You can also send plain text or HTML formatted e-mails with multiple attachments from FileMaker and suppress the Outlook security dialog.

Shared and Public Folders:
Use the plug-in to push or pull to shared or public folders in an Exchange Environment.

Calendar Integration:
Use the plug-in to push your FileMaker events into Outlook. Once the events are in Outlook you can sync your mobile devices such a Blackberry or iPhone with Outlook allowing you to have your FileMaker data in your mobile device. You can also pull events from Outlook into FileMaker as the plug-in allows a bi-directional data exchange allowing you to update or create appointments either in Outlook or FileMaker.

Tasks & Notes:
Use the plug-in to perform a bi-directional data exchange and either push your tasks and notes from your FileMaker database into Outlook or pull them from Outlook into FileMaker. Once your tasks and notes are in Outlook, then you can sync your mobile device with Outlook allowing you to have your FileMaker data in your mobile device such as a Blackberry or iPhone.

Pop-up Reminders:
Once your FileMaker tasks and events are in Outlook, you can then take advantage of the Outlook pop-up reminders.

Mobile Devices:
Many mobile devices have the ability to sync the mail, contacts, calendar, task and notes with Outlook. Using our plug-in you can push your FileMaker data into Outlook allowing you to sync Outlook with your mobile device such as a Blackberry or iPhone.

Additional Features:
The plug-in also offers the following additional features:
- Send e-mail “On Behalf Of” or “From” another user.
- Send meeting requests to required or optional attendees.
- Display Outlook records from the FileMaker interface.
- Save messages as .msg files.
- Access recurrence patterns.

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System Requirements

Application: WindowsFileMaker® Pro 10 - 13

Microsoft® Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, or 2013 (32-bit)

Microsoft® Office 365 Home, Small Business, Mid-Sized Business, and Enterprise Editions (32-bit)

Platform: Windows® 7/8

Other:This plug-in is verified compatible with FileMaker® Pro 10-13 and Windows® 7/8 and may work with earlier versions.



Single User: $99.95

5 User: $449.78

10 User: $719.64

25 Users: $1,619.19

Single User - UPGRADE: $64.97

5 User - UPGRADE: $292.36

10 User - UPGRADE: $467.77

25 Users - UPGRADE: $1,052.47

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Plug-in Information

Successful integration of FileMaker plug-ins requires the creation of integration scripts within your FileMaker solution. Intermediate to advanced experience with FileMaker Pro, especially in the areas of scripting and calculations, is necessary to integrate this plug-in. After review of our overview videos, sample scripts and documentation you find you need assistance please contact us or fill out a Request For Quote.

Demo Limitations

Please Note This fully functional demo file is useable for 30 days. However, the demo will expire 2 hours from opening your FileMaker application. To reset please close and reopen your FileMaker application.

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